BioHCBy joining the bioHC Schools, you will be exposed to some of the latest biomedical advances, and you will discover how engineering and computing solutions could be used to promote healthy  living and active aging.

The bioHC Schools will give you the opportunity to live a transformational experience, which will help you to develop transferable skills necessary for successful innovation.  You will have the opportunity to attend a series of open courses and hands-on activities developed by experts on EIT Health related topics. Included in the programme are also visits at the CERN openlab facilities and experiments as well as other research laboratories and companies. The bioHC Schools can lead to follow-on projects in your home organisation. It may even inspire you to become an entrepreneur in cutting-edge biomedical computing technologies.

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The bioHC’s mission is to educate outstanding minds and cultivate leaders who will explore fundamental principles underlying disease, and design new biomedical technologies for health and wellbeing. The bioHC interdisciplinary program brings medicine as well as the biology, physics, and computing from the scientist’s bench to the citizen’s environment and back again to the bench.

bioHC is implemented in ESI – European Scientific Institute, a unique CERN-supported organization pushing technology to the limits between research and innovation.

During the bioHC Schools, the participants meet innovative scientist and high tech start-up companies to discuss their ideas with highly qualified professors and young entrepreneurs. They explore different aspects of venturing and starting their own company by visiting innovation labs and incubators. The participants, who are introduced to Creative Thinking, have a unique opportunity to promote (pitch) their ideas in front of a business panel, with the opportunity for further development of promising teams, and potential links to EIT Health Accelerator.

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The focus of the bioHC Schools is on problem-based approach through team working, utilizing the available expertise of the participant’s team and of the professional and teaching staff. European credits (ECTS) are rewarded after taking part in the Oral defense (Pitching session), and after handing over individual assignment (deliverables) two weeks after the School.

In 2018, three bioHC Schools are jointly proposed by Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA, FR), Universitat de Barcelona (UB, SP), European Scientific Institute (ESI CERN supported, FR) and European Partner Institutions:

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 July 2 to 11, 2018

 Innovation in Big Data for Health: Obesity as Case Study

May 26 to June 4, 2018 

Reducing the risk of nanomaterials on environmental and human health

 August 22 to 31, 2018

 Computational Medicine for Chronic Diseases: COPD as Case Study

The bioHC Schools are part of the Health4Life  Joint European Master Programme, educating leaders for research and innovation at the convergence between biomedicine and engineering …

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